Children Dentistry

We welcome children to our practice and strive hard to make sure every child enjoys a positive experience in a welcoming and non-threatening environment. We take early dental care very seriously, as good dental care during childhood can help set the scene for a lifetime of good dental health, eliminating any fear or phobias over dental visits.

We provide a range of dental treatments to help keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy and strong, right from when they get their first tooth to their late teens. We can offer fluoride treatments to help strengthen and protect their teeth as well as fissure sealants to protect their back teeth from decay. You will find our dentists are great with nervous kids and we can work with them to understand and to help them overcome any fears or phobias. We also offer orthodontics to help straighten young smiles, comfortably and quickly.

Dental Expressions can work with parents and caregivers to improve oral hygiene at home and we can offer advice on the most tooth-friendly foods for the whole family. If your child is keen on sports, please ask about our custom-made mouthguards which help protect against dental injuries to their teeth and jaws.


Why Might My Child Need Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally and it can be found in some water supplies and in certain foods. It is extremely important that young children receive adequate fluoride as it helps to make their teeth more resistant to decay. Fluoride is able to do this by increasing the resistance of teeth to acid attack. Every day teeth come under attack from acids found in foods and from acid produced by bacteria in the mouth. This begins a process called demineralisation, where essential minerals including fluoride are removed from the tooth surfaces. As the mouth becomes less acidic, a process called remineralisation occurs, where some of these minerals are re-deposited back into the tooth surfaces. Fluoride helps to speed up this process.

How Can I Ensure My Child Receives Sufficient Fluoride?

We can talk to you about your child’s fluoride intake, including the use of fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. If necessary, we will provide additional fluoride in the form of a varnish. Fluoride varnish is simply painted onto clean tooth surfaces and is left for a few hours or even overnight to penetrate the teeth before being brushed off.


It is a great idea to book a visit to Dental Expressions soon after they get their first tooth or by age one. This might seem very young but it enables us to check their teeth and jaws are developing correctly and to answer any questions you might have about looking after them.

How Often Should My Child Have a Check-Up?

We like to see children every six months for a check-up as this allows us to see if they have any dental problems such as tooth decay so we can take action early on through filling the tooth. Dental check-ups focus on preventative dental care and are very non-invasive. With regular preventative dental care, you child’s chances of developing any dental problems are greatly reduced and they are more likely to grow up with strong, healthy teeth and a nicely proportioned smile